Programs & Projects

Fakultät Gestaltung der Hochschule Wismar

Winter Term 2015/16* First Week

At Monday, 21th September 2015  at 10 a.m. we will start with the welcoming of the new students.

On the same day the courses start. The presentation of the study programs and projects will be on Wednesday 23th September 2015. more information | pdf-file | 2 pages | German Version

International Office

The International Office of the Hochschule Wismar is the place that helps all national and international students and lecturers to organise the international exchanges and gives advice on all matters concerning these procedures. The International Office wants to become even more international in scope and is, therefore, open to questions, ideas and projects. More information





lectures series* Winter term 2015/ 16

Always Wednesday, 6 p.m. Open for all interested. The Fee is free.