Architectural Lighting Design

My Light Identity

What is my identity as a lighting designer?

What is your idea of light? What does lighting design means for you? How do you define the relation between architecture and light? These are essential questions for upcoming lighting designers. Therefore one project in the course "Light and Man - Light a Symbol of Identity" focused on individual thoughts about light. The assignment consisted of a visual and a text part. Step one was the photo portrait as a visual definition of the pesonal identity: How you perceive yourself is how others will see you. In step two the students wrote a one page essay after they were asked two study manifestos be other designers.

Max Erlemann:

„Light is the only medium that has the power to change everything without destroying anything. Light is the visible part of electromagnetic radiation. This invisible medium affects every kind of life on earth and it is essential for life... One can change an atmosphere from sad to mysterious to very cheerful. This is a very strong and unique ability light has. But this also creates a large range of freedom in the work with light. People can die because of a wrong structural planning but no one will get injured because of the wrong light. Light is the only medium that has this ability. This does not mean that the way how light is used is from minor importance but it shows the potential that light has. Used in a good way it can make people feeling good. Used in a wrong way it can make people feeling bad. This is why the right use of light must be aspired.“

Shan Jiang:

“…As I began thinking the Theme “Light and Architecture”, I quickly realized that there is an important media between light and architecture----the Window. For the light, window is a place where light can go through. In the day time, the daylight shines into the building through windows. At night, the artificial light goes through the windows to outside and becomes the main expression of the architectural façade. For the architecture, the functions of windows are not only lighting and ventilation. The designing of windows are also greatly affects the visual expression of the whole building. If light is a kind of architectural language, which can tell us the concept of the architects, windows should be the speakers. If light is a kind of symbol of human soul, which give us the feeling of the architecture, windows should be the most direct visual conductors. The design of window is a important point to express light in the architectural design…”

Papon Kasettratat:

“…Light is essential to all life... Light also has the power to transform space and architecture dramatically. Lighting designers should be aware of the tools they have in their hands and have to be very careful how to illuminate. As Albert Hadley once said, “With the many new methods of illumination, a decorator has to be careful to not overdo lighting. This is an easy trap for a designer to fall into - going too far in dramatizing interiors. Dramatic lighting will photograph well, but that doesn't always make for comfortable living and can look commercial. When we light a room our objective is to get rid of gloom, to have enough light to feel happy.“ I hope in the near future all the lighting designers are awared of this fact and create better places which is being loved.“

Peeraanong Wongtanakornchai:

“…His Symbol Promenade Water Front Sub Center impressed me most.  Light is beautiful and unique, making places worth visiting, especially in Japan. Fortunately, I later had to have a chance to travel to Japan and stood at the place Mende presented on that lecture day. When I stood there, I felt attracted to it, becoming one of its harmonious elements. Light and shadow have been put at the right place, right time and with right volume.  Standing there, I wished to be like him, a lighting designer with talent and capability, who can truly create things from his observation and experience for human beings. After that day, my perspective has been changed and it has never been the same. Everything I look, I reconsiderate about how light combines with it. Light is not a part to support architectures but it is the leader in all space and it always will.”